November 18, 2013#

art on etsy


Got a couple things up on a new ETSY shop! Will still primarily use my web shop, but I realized it was time to jump into the ETSY universe. Here’s why:

My mom & dad gave us infinite creative license on our rooms growing up.

My brother and I decked our walls (entirely) with posters, prints, magazine/newspaper cut ups, packaging, anything we could find in print, really. Any remaining space was covered in sharpie — people’s handprints, jokes, stories, drawings, whatever. The ceiling even had giant targets drawn on it for a beanbag throwing game called “Beach Leech”.

Lindsey kept hers reasonable. Simple and a soft pink mostly I think? Hard to recall.

Lily’s was an entirely other definition of bonkers. Lime green and hot pink striped walls with an accent color of “zebra”. No joke — everything in the room was lime, pink, or zebra. It was quite a spectacle.

Anyway, as we all moved out, the rooms got an upgrade. Well, Lily’s the last to officially bounce, so when my mother recently redid her room and hung some very elegant works of art around, I had to wonder where she found ’em.

“All from ETSY.” Just a couple quick keyword searches and she found the exact type of pieces she was looking for. Well, if there’s a one-stop shop where folks are finding the right art for their walls, I figure I need to be there.

So, ETSY. Stay tuned at LeviWatsonArt.

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