November 6, 2013#

everything as teacher journal

journal cover

everything as teacher journal
colored pencil, brush pen, computer, 2013.
client: sacredwithin.us

Landslide connected me with Lisa Baker after building her a fantastic website to house her marvelous art over at sacredwithin.us. Lisa planned to create a journal to encourage individuals and groups to explore their emotions (both ‘good’ and ‘bad’) as messengers. To discover what emotions might be capable of revealing about life.

Long story short — We pitched a few ideas back and forth and decided to run with an idea stemming around the use of environments to extract emotions.

But after working through the journal you see pictured, Lisa decided she would prefer a journal based around her art and brand for various reasons. We plucked a few elements from this one for the new journal now titled, A Deeper Knowing and sent it to print.

These pages and elements may not ever find their way to print but they paved the way for the journal Lisa hoped for based around her beautiful painting, Inside of You. Plus they brought an opportunity to combine Prismacolor pencils and a Kuretake brush pen!

journal page example

journal environment illustrations

October 27, 2013#

gurus live audio tour


gurus live audio tour
computer, 2013

Gurus of Tech is in the midst of a short mini-tour for audio folks. It’s hosted by my friend Lee Fields (FOH for Lincoln Brewster, Audio Ninja for Mankin Media) on the new SSL Live console and hits Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Nashville. I had the privilege to play art director and brand the event as the “LIVE AUDIO” Tour.

Gurus is a free conference (or in this case, a workshop) focused on connecting, teaching, and inspiring anyone working in a technical role at a church. A Gurus event (and therefore the brand itself) is typically casual, cool, and obviously very tech-oriented. This tour being a smaller, more experimental event than the big annual experience brought an opportunity to take that vibe even further.

We identified a few key elements we wanted the brand of this tour to represent —

    1. Rock show aesthetic
    2. Cohesive with overall Gurus brand
    3. Modern church feel
    4. The SSL Live console (centerpiece of gear for these tour dates)


I selected out-of-focus shots of the SSL Live for background. They set the tone for audio world and the color scheme for the rest of the visuals. Each ‘logo’ or ‘icon’ is housed in an increasingly opaque circle to parallel the colors and button shapes on the console. A negative space outline of the SSL Live amps up the main logo and easily recognizable state silhouettes highlight each tour stop.

the name
Finally, the name. “Live Audio” serves strongly as both a mantra and a definition of this tour. Playing off “live” as in ‘mixing audio live’ as it’s created vs. “live” as in ‘to live your life’ kinda thing. Hopefully you instantly know the event is about mixing live audio and living in audio world. Plus, it’s easy to rally behind. #liveaudio!

Implemented everything into a variety of web and print promo materials.


Draft of a postcard (we didn’t end up using because email promo got the job done!):

And one more digital signage image:

And finally a landing site to house it all at www.gurusoftech.com/liveaudio/.
Atlanta and the first Chicago dates have already sold out! One more date in Chicago and then on to Dallas and Nashville. #liveaudio. Check it.

May 28, 2013#

Various graphic elements that I created (among other tasks…[#]) to support the Gurus of Tech 2013 conference at Willow Creek in Chicago. Goal here was to build a consistent brand for the Gurus13 event that maintained a specific style and purpose.

The big point of gurus is conversation and connection. It is a time for tech folks working in local churches around the globe to meet like-minded peers and engage in ongoing discussion/learning/ever-growing tech community.

Hence the decision to maximize the #gurus13 element of the brand and lead all elements back to twitter and facebook as a place for folks to continue to connect after the free event.

Shown here are a cover for the Gurus13 schedule/notebook, an excerpt of charts from the Gurus vendor kit, a digital signage display for Mankin Media, two banner ads that ran to promote the event, and an example of a promo card for a specific vendor giveaway. View more branding elements at www.gurusoftech.com.

[#] = Disclaimer: I work full time for Mankin Media (and therefore also Gurus of Tech).