November 6, 2013#

everything as teacher journal

journal cover

everything as teacher journal
colored pencil, brush pen, computer, 2013.
client: sacredwithin.us

Landslide connected me with Lisa Baker after building her a fantastic website to house her marvelous art over at sacredwithin.us. Lisa planned to create a journal to encourage individuals and groups to explore their emotions (both ‘good’ and ‘bad’) as messengers. To discover what emotions might be capable of revealing about life.

Long story short — We pitched a few ideas back and forth and decided to run with an idea stemming around the use of environments to extract emotions.

But after working through the journal you see pictured, Lisa decided she would prefer a journal based around her art and brand for various reasons. We plucked a few elements from this one for the new journal now titled, A Deeper Knowing and sent it to print.

These pages and elements may not ever find their way to print but they paved the way for the journal Lisa hoped for based around her beautiful painting, Inside of You. Plus they brought an opportunity to combine Prismacolor pencils and a Kuretake brush pen!

journal page example

journal environment illustrations

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