October 27, 2013#

gurus live audio tour


gurus live audio tour
computer, 2013

Gurus of Tech is in the midst of a short mini-tour for audio folks. It’s hosted by my friend Lee Fields (FOH for Lincoln Brewster, Audio Ninja for Mankin Media) on the new SSL Live console and hits Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Nashville. I had the privilege to play art director and brand the event as the “LIVE AUDIO” Tour.

Gurus is a free conference (or in this case, a workshop) focused on connecting, teaching, and inspiring anyone working in a technical role at a church. A Gurus event (and therefore the brand itself) is typically casual, cool, and obviously very tech-oriented. This tour being a smaller, more experimental event than the big annual experience brought an opportunity to take that vibe even further.

We identified a few key elements we wanted the brand of this tour to represent —

    1. Rock show aesthetic
    2. Cohesive with overall Gurus brand
    3. Modern church feel
    4. The SSL Live console (centerpiece of gear for these tour dates)


I selected out-of-focus shots of the SSL Live for background. They set the tone for audio world and the color scheme for the rest of the visuals. Each ‘logo’ or ‘icon’ is housed in an increasingly opaque circle to parallel the colors and button shapes on the console. A negative space outline of the SSL Live amps up the main logo and easily recognizable state silhouettes highlight each tour stop.

the name
Finally, the name. “Live Audio” serves strongly as both a mantra and a definition of this tour. Playing off “live” as in ‘mixing audio live’ as it’s created vs. “live” as in ‘to live your life’ kinda thing. Hopefully you instantly know the event is about mixing live audio and living in audio world. Plus, it’s easy to rally behind. #liveaudio!

Implemented everything into a variety of web and print promo materials.


Draft of a postcard (we didn’t end up using because email promo got the job done!):

And one more digital signage image:

And finally a landing site to house it all at www.gurusoftech.com/liveaudio/.
Atlanta and the first Chicago dates have already sold out! One more date in Chicago and then on to Dallas and Nashville. #liveaudio. Check it.

May 5, 2013#

adelaide’s sun and moon
computer, 11×17 inches, 2013.

Basically, I have a daughter on way due this July. Her name is Adelaide. Kelly and I are really excited. So, I made these for her in the meantime.

So on the literal level, yes, these depict myself, Kelly, and Adelaide journeying and resting together under the sun and moon. Maybe I hope she will see these in her room and remember that we will be with her day and night as she becomes whoever she chooses to be. That’s been the most exciting part so far. Wondering what she’ll be like and waiting to simply watch her become her.

The other half of this stemmed from a whole lot “what on earth is coming our way??” — I kept the characters vague and out of focus to mirror different stages of life. Prepping for child numero uno has been a tremendous whirlwind of all of them. The excitement of being a kid, the surprise at how fast time flies by, the prayers to somehow figure out all the unknown adult/parent stuff; all that.

These days I simultaneously feel like the kid on the tree swing, the older figure pushing that kid, and the contemplative persona resting against the trunk, watching the mystery all happen.

I guess…making these helped remind me that as the sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises, that there is someone with me too. The sun and the moon, they are my Father’s eyes.

art style
I really admire Alex Griendling’s work and transparency. He wrote a really helpful how to pixel blog that Josh sent my way that looked like a lot of fun. (Definitely proved true. The whole process plays like a video game.)

That, plus an immense admiration for the art style of Fez attributed most to the visuals. Ballake Sissoko’s At Peace soundtracked the serene mood.

up for grabs
Anyway, prints for sale here. Hope you enjoy.

Also — Feels weird to bring in any money for something made for my future daughter so…all proceeds will go to End It Movement. You should click on that link. Until just a couple weeks ago, I definitely was unaware of the appalling 27 million people in slavery still today (50% aka 13.5 MILLION of which are children). Please take a look, spread the word, and support the rescue.

May 1, 2013#


My love to create mirrors my love for creation. This Earth is an astounding masterpiece, especially in its minute details —

The slow wave of the shadows of a row of trees unfurling across a sun-soaked, orange meadow. The magic wonder of refracted light playing games with you while you glide your fingers in and out of the surface of a lake. The hazy, unexpected memories that roar into focus at even the faintest trace of scent from the year’s first evergreen.

And yes, even in what we have built here, there is so much awe and wonder — Moments like simply staring out the window as a passenger of a night drive, into a patterned blur of streetlights across flickers of stretched reds, yellows, and whites of the distant skyline, blurred from distant mornings spent glaring way-too-close into the RGB units of your family’s old color TV.

I love those details.
I love exploring and experimenting with them.
In this moment, those experiments manifest most as a lot of themed environments, distorted patterns, and intricate abstractions.
In the next? Who knows.

I hope to run further down the rabbit hole into more art experimentations to develop more of these ideas floating around, and bring some of them back to land. In addition, I hope to continue to pursue illustration to help support the projects of others around us diving into the details they love and sifting through their ideas and dreams.

To me, Life is a mystery. And art? Both a maze and a key. 

So, please continue to join me here as I transfer life’s adventures into art, and more importantly, please share your exciting journeys and stories with me. I love to collaborate and support other people’s wild and wonderful ideas, and… well… I just love a good story and meeting new folks so reach out anytime.
Thanks for reading.