December 11, 2013#

christmas illustration for servicewear apparel

ServiceWear Apparel delivers high-quality uniforms and work apparel for the fine folks working in public agencies across the board. Construction, law enforcement, medical staff, etc.

Servicewear wanted a quirky Christmas card to showcase their quick turn around time (average time is less than 10 days to repair damaged uniforms, I believe) and the benefit of their “no oversize fees” stance.

I like to think Mrs. C bugged Saint Nick about trying on the ole suit months earlier and he just now gave it a whirl. Even Santa underestimates the post-Thanksgiving winter weight.


December 10, 2013#

christmas illustration for block by block

Block By Block ambassadors post up in big metropolitan areas and basically just help people. Cleaning the streets, keeping people safe, welcoming out-of-towners. It’s pretty cool.

In this case, ole Saint Nick himself gets mixed up in the big city (happens to some more often than others) and a BBB ambassador saves the day by pointing towards the next chimney. All in good fun for the BBB Christmas card of course.

BBB Christmas illustration

BBB Santa and reindeer illustration

BBB Santa Sleigh Illustration

Made with Prismacolor pencils and Kuretake brush pen. (My two absolute favorite tools this year.)

p.s. I’d post a close-up of the woman, but her left arm fades into the aether pretty fast behind that map.

November 7, 2013#

everything as teacher b-side


Rain didn’t make the cut. Aimed for that blurry/foggy feeling, but just ended up too messy for me this time.

November 6, 2013#

everything as teacher journal

journal cover

everything as teacher journal
colored pencil, brush pen, computer, 2013.
client: sacredwithin.us

Landslide connected me with Lisa Baker after building her a fantastic website to house her marvelous art over at sacredwithin.us. Lisa planned to create a journal to encourage individuals and groups to explore their emotions (both ‘good’ and ‘bad’) as messengers. To discover what emotions might be capable of revealing about life.

Long story short — We pitched a few ideas back and forth and decided to run with an idea stemming around the use of environments to extract emotions.

But after working through the journal you see pictured, Lisa decided she would prefer a journal based around her art and brand for various reasons. We plucked a few elements from this one for the new journal now titled, A Deeper Knowing and sent it to print.

These pages and elements may not ever find their way to print but they paved the way for the journal Lisa hoped for based around her beautiful painting, Inside of You. Plus they brought an opportunity to combine Prismacolor pencils and a Kuretake brush pen!

journal page example

journal environment illustrations

October 31, 2013#

the bros. martin & invisible creature


#tbt to college afternoons spent listening to great music and trying to recreate brilliant album art.

These are pen drawings of the 2005 album art reissues of Silver and Gold, the first two Starflyer full-lengths & fan favorites. (Doesn’t get any better than Old and The Changing of the Guard for me. …and Talking Voice. …and maybe My Island. …and…) Followed with pen recreations of Joy Electric’s 2007 album The Otherly Opus, which is absolute magic.

Listen to Starflyer 59 and Joy Electric and view the designs & illustrations of Invisible Creature if you don’t regularly already. (And standby to listen to Ronnie’s new venture, Said Fantasy early next year.)

Here’s the original art designed by Invisible Creature:

Oh yeah, Invisible Creature just released Stack and Scare this week — four sets of stackable blocks for bizarre creature building madness. Planning to pick up a set for Adelaide’s first Christmas. Here — watch a quick video to see how fun these are.

September 9, 2013#

new prints: atlas

Printed in an initial run of 25 on high-quality #100 stock paper sized at 11×17. Signed and numbered on the back this time. Originally drawn with pencil.

Navigate the caves with a stray beam of light.
Pick one up here!

September 9, 2013#

new prints: paths

paths-for-webOriginally made with pen while waiting for quick bursts of rain to let up at KBJ’s vacation place in Florida.

Printed in an initial run of 25 on high-quality #100 stock paper sized at 11×17. Signed and numbered on the back this time.

Post this up, stare, and get lost in the maze.
Pick one up here!

August 12, 2013#

Comic/character practice. These are photos of a (pre-captions) comic made for my old squad at SMS Holdings here in Nashville.


August 7, 2013#

Again, coloring with pencil on black…it can be tricky. Or — you can just color on white, use this guide to know what colors to work with, then invert colors via Photoshop. Like this!





August 7, 2013#

color grid stop motion