November 18, 2013#

black friday sale!

Black Friday 2013

November 29 – December 2 (“Black Friday” – “Cyber Monday”) head over to the shop to save on some prints!

18″ x 24″ prints (normally listed for $40) will be $30 for one and $50 for two!
11″ x 17″ prints (normally listed for $20) will be $15 for one and $25 for two!

Applies to all prints, and everything I’ve got is currently in stock! Knock out some Christmas shopping with some original art prints!

November 18, 2013#

art on etsy


Got a couple things up on a new ETSY shop! Will still primarily use my web shop, but I realized it was time to jump into the ETSY universe. Here’s why:

My mom & dad gave us infinite creative license on our rooms growing up.

My brother and I decked our walls (entirely) with posters, prints, magazine/newspaper cut ups, packaging, anything we could find in print, really. Any remaining space was covered in sharpie — people’s handprints, jokes, stories, drawings, whatever. The ceiling even had giant targets drawn on it for a beanbag throwing game called “Beach Leech”.

Lindsey kept hers reasonable. Simple and a soft pink mostly I think? Hard to recall.

Lily’s was an entirely other definition of bonkers. Lime green and hot pink striped walls with an accent color of “zebra”. No joke — everything in the room was lime, pink, or zebra. It was quite a spectacle.

Anyway, as we all moved out, the rooms got an upgrade. Well, Lily’s the last to officially bounce, so when my mother recently redid her room and hung some very elegant works of art around, I had to wonder where she found ’em.

“All from ETSY.” Just a couple quick keyword searches and she found the exact type of pieces she was looking for. Well, if there’s a one-stop shop where folks are finding the right art for their walls, I figure I need to be there.

So, ETSY. Stay tuned at LeviWatsonArt.

September 9, 2013#

new prints: boundless

boundless-Print-for-webPrinted in an initial run of 25 on high-quality paper sized at 18″x24″. Signed and hand-numbered in a 1″ white border for framing.

Originally painted with oil on canvas with a black border.

Dreams don’t have to be dependent on opportunity. Let your mind wander and the ideas keep spinning…
Pick up yours here!

September 9, 2013#

new prints: atlas

Printed in an initial run of 25 on high-quality #100 stock paper sized at 11×17. Signed and numbered on the back this time. Originally drawn with pencil.

Navigate the caves with a stray beam of light.
Pick one up here!

September 9, 2013#

new prints: paths

paths-for-webOriginally made with pen while waiting for quick bursts of rain to let up at KBJ’s vacation place in Florida.

Printed in an initial run of 25 on high-quality #100 stock paper sized at 11×17. Signed and numbered on the back this time.

Post this up, stare, and get lost in the maze.
Pick one up here!

August 14, 2013#

broadway in nashville prints available now!

Round II of the Broadway in Nashville prints are in the shop and available NOW —

I did a round of 50 prints of this painting last fall and they sold out in 8 days. (!) I’m still astounded by it really. But, I’m proud to finally have another round ready for sale!

These are 18 x 24 inches, hand-numbered in a second edition set of 100, and signed on a 1 inch white border around the image. These are printed on a high-quality paper in Franklin, Tn (close enough.).

These are available now for $40. You can order one online, or just email, tweet, or facebook me if you are in the area and want to avoid shipping.

Don’t forget, these make great gifts. Send someone a little piece of this beautiful city!

August 13, 2013#

Made in Nashville 2013

Nashville, I’m excited to say I’ll be posted up at the second annual Made in Nashville local arts celebration at Centennial Park’s Event Pavilion on September 14th from 11am – 5pm!


This is a free event of local music, local food, local craft beer and spirits, local artists and much more. Should be fun times!

I’ll have the following up for grabs —

I’ve only just heard about this event, but it sounds like a blast. Hope to see you there!

May 5, 2013#

adelaide’s sun and moon
computer, 11×17 inches, 2013.

Basically, I have a daughter on way due this July. Her name is Adelaide. Kelly and I are really excited. So, I made these for her in the meantime.

So on the literal level, yes, these depict myself, Kelly, and Adelaide journeying and resting together under the sun and moon. Maybe I hope she will see these in her room and remember that we will be with her day and night as she becomes whoever she chooses to be. That’s been the most exciting part so far. Wondering what she’ll be like and waiting to simply watch her become her.

The other half of this stemmed from a whole lot “what on earth is coming our way??” — I kept the characters vague and out of focus to mirror different stages of life. Prepping for child numero uno has been a tremendous whirlwind of all of them. The excitement of being a kid, the surprise at how fast time flies by, the prayers to somehow figure out all the unknown adult/parent stuff; all that.

These days I simultaneously feel like the kid on the tree swing, the older figure pushing that kid, and the contemplative persona resting against the trunk, watching the mystery all happen.

I guess…making these helped remind me that as the sun rises and the sun sets, and hurries back to where it rises, that there is someone with me too. The sun and the moon, they are my Father’s eyes.

art style
I really admire Alex Griendling’s work and transparency. He wrote a really helpful how to pixel blog that Josh sent my way that looked like a lot of fun. (Definitely proved true. The whole process plays like a video game.)

That, plus an immense admiration for the art style of Fez attributed most to the visuals. Ballake Sissoko’s At Peace soundtracked the serene mood.

up for grabs
Anyway, prints for sale here. Hope you enjoy.

Also — Feels weird to bring in any money for something made for my future daughter so…all proceeds will go to End It Movement. You should click on that link. Until just a couple weeks ago, I definitely was unaware of the appalling 27 million people in slavery still today (50% aka 13.5 MILLION of which are children). Please take a look, spread the word, and support the rescue.