August 1, 2013#

levi-watson-humansMade this wayy back when sometime. Since it had a little resurgence during the Metrostation e.t.i.t.y. video, why not put it out there now.

July 31, 2013#

Tripp called and basically asked if I could run with some skyscrapers and shapes in a “30th century neo tokyo meets F-zero” kinda format. Of course, I was instantly on board.

I sketched up a whole bunch of futuristic towers during which Tripp added the additional instruction to aim for “pretentiously thin and tall.” And that was all it took to catch the vibe. Tripp and Jenna envisioned a specific environment and just asked for additional elements as needed.


From a little over 50 pencil sketches of various geometric abstraction and sci-fi affinity, we selected the strongest items for me to ink, scan, and vector.


It was important to get bold, crisp lines in the inking stage in order to get a strong definitive scan. I then fiddled around with Illustrator’s Live Trace settings to recreate the scanned illustrations as vectors.


Now, Jenna could copy and paste an infinite number of each tower, colorize them separately, resize them, reverse them, distort them to kingdom come. An enormous city could now be built from transformed versions of each building.

Meanwhile, Tripp replicated several of the geometric illustrations in order to design intense patterns and tunnels for the camera (and motorcycle) to race through.  I am still catching subtle uses of these drawings every time I watch the video. For example, see if you can recognize the skid marks from the motorcycles tires as it tears through the track from one of the illustrations.

Always a thrill to be a part of another astoundingly deep world devised by the genius directors behind WATTS.

EDIT: Here’s the vimeo version aka way better HD.

Metro Station: “Every Time I Touch You (E.T.I.T.Y)” Official Music Video from WATTS on Vimeo.

June 11, 2013#

Weddings are the coolest. They’re so close to dreams; it’s unlike anything else. All these people that you know and love from so many different stages of life all are joined together to just celebrate and dance while the rest of the world pauses for an evening. Magical stuff.

So, I am always excited when someone asks me to contribute something artistic to their wedding — even if it’s just a sketch or two. In backwards chronological order, here’s a few illustrations I had the privilege to create for some wonderful friends on their special days.

Justin & Jessica Neill — May 18, 2013.



These two awesome tech geeks just asked me to throw their names up on the vertical plasma at their warehouse venue, so I thought I’d have a little more fun with it. (Plus – This was an excuse to give my new Kuretake brush pen a whirl. Picked one up immediately after discovering Ryan Andrews’ stuff. You should read this comic of his.)

Jonathan & Lindsey Hays — June 8, 2012.


Terribly sorry to someone on ETSY. My sis, Linz, sent me a link and it was a basic, “Can you do this? But make it me and Jonathan?” So, I obliged. This modern style juxtaposed nicely with their rustic, outdoor wedding. And it suits their new place well I think.

Paul & Katie Tucker — August 6, 2011


Katie the crafting fiend built basically everything but the building and the people at her wedding and reception. Amazing stuff. She and Paul asked me to outline a basic tree for the intention of a fingerprint leaf guestbook to blossom as each guest said hello. And now it’s planted as a nice memento on their wall.

So yes, if you have any painting, drawing, illustration ideas for an upcoming wedding of yourself or a loved one, say hello! I would love to make you something for the very special occasion.

May 26, 2013#

poolside sketchin

First swim & sketch of the year. (Maybe next time I’ll man up and draw the swimmers as well).