May 28, 2013#

Various graphic elements that I created (among other tasks…[#]) to support the Gurus of Tech 2013 conference at Willow Creek in Chicago. Goal here was to build a consistent brand for the Gurus13 event that maintained a specific style and purpose.

The big point of gurus is conversation and connection. It is a time for tech folks working in local churches around the globe to meet like-minded peers and engage in ongoing discussion/learning/ever-growing tech community.

Hence the decision to maximize the #gurus13 element of the brand and lead all elements back to twitter and facebook as a place for folks to continue to connect after the free event.

Shown here are a cover for the Gurus13 schedule/notebook, an excerpt of charts from the Gurus vendor kit, a digital signage display for Mankin Media, two banner ads that ran to promote the event, and an example of a promo card for a specific vendor giveaway. View more branding elements at www.gurusoftech.com.

[#] = Disclaimer: I work full time for Mankin Media (and therefore also Gurus of Tech).

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