May 1, 2013#


My love to create mirrors my love for creation. This Earth is an astounding masterpiece, especially in its minute details —

The slow wave of the shadows of a row of trees unfurling across a sun-soaked, orange meadow. The magic wonder of refracted light playing games with you while you glide your fingers in and out of the surface of a lake. The hazy, unexpected memories that roar into focus at even the faintest trace of scent from the year’s first evergreen.

And yes, even in what we have built here, there is so much awe and wonder — Moments like simply staring out the window as a passenger of a night drive, into a patterned blur of streetlights across flickers of stretched reds, yellows, and whites of the distant skyline, blurred from distant mornings spent glaring way-too-close into the RGB units of your family’s old color TV.

I love those details.
I love exploring and experimenting with them.
In this moment, those experiments manifest most as a lot of themed environments, distorted patterns, and intricate abstractions.
In the next? Who knows.

I hope to run further down the rabbit hole into more art experimentations to develop more of these ideas floating around, and bring some of them back to land. In addition, I hope to continue to pursue illustration to help support the projects of others around us diving into the details they love and sifting through their ideas and dreams.

To me, Life is a mystery. And art? Both a maze and a key. 

So, please continue to join me here as I transfer life’s adventures into art, and more importantly, please share your exciting journeys and stories with me. I love to collaborate and support other people’s wild and wonderful ideas, and… well… I just love a good story and meeting new folks so reach out anytime.
Thanks for reading.

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